Sam Maniar
Sam Maniar (CTO & Founder)

Sam is having around 20 years of experience in the fields of Internet and Software Development with the specialization in project management and customer services. Sam is a co-founder of Distress Bricks and looking after a technical and customer services side of the business.

Sumeet Singhania
Sumeet Singhania (CEO & Founder)

He is a chartered accountant with over 15 years of working experience in the field of audit, finance, real-estate and taxation. He has extensive knowledge of the Indian real-estate sector and has passion for developing innovative products for the real-estate sector.

Our Team

Gaurav Panchal
Gaurav Panchal (Regional Business Strategist)

Gaurav has over 14 years of experience in various fields of finance, real estate & digital marketing. He hold a PGDBA (finance) (Symbiosis Institute, Pune) & Digital Marketing Certification (IIM, Kashipur). His core area of interest is financial technology, real estate innovation & digital marketing.



A very unique concept where all the service components relating to marketing of real estate i.e. buyer, seller, tax-consultant, agent, Vaastu, etc are put on one platform and the dominance of the online portals earning income by way of commission/brokerage is somewhat broken. It's a welcome move for the Indian digital prop-tech market.


The innovation and one stop solution brought by your company to cater to the grievances related to the customers of the Real Estate Sector and Standardization of the Units which shall lead to increase in growth among the customers and belief among the Investors, is the ice-breaker. Have heard nothing of such sort till date and see this start-up going miles to fulfill the dreams of youth like me.


I found this idea of EValuebricks very unconventional and very elegant solution to all the property needs of a seller, buyer, service providers and developers. Information provided on this portal is much more authenticated and reliable. There is nothing as reliable as this presently in the Indian market atleast.


The whole idea of the company to bring things relating to purchasing and selling of a property under one roof appealed me a lot. In this era of advance technology, where we are doing majority of our daily tasks online, there is a need of a real estate portal who makes it easy to connect online, and your real estate website is the ideal place to do that.


I am a frequent user of online portals for most of my routine requirements. However for real estate, I used to preferred offline transactions and deals till I saw this portal. The best part of this portal is that the vision statement of the founders is very clear and that the portal aims to look for real estate transactions few years down the line. I wish my kids will use this portal to transact in real estate and take online support of experts for buying and selling properties across the country.

Our commitment for the Nation

New Employment Generation

Prima facie this portal promotes digital transactions and all of these transactions require huge data storage. The digital space has certainly opened up avenues and opportunities for people in the IT segment with specialisation in IT and other related skills. Further the portal also requires extensive sales and marketing activity for the products, which cannot be done in the absence of a good sales and marketing team. A group of people will have to be formed in every corner of the country to support sales, marketing, IT, Customer relationship and company administration.

eValue Bricks is poised to generate good employment opportunities for the new generation who have inherent likeness and passion for the growing digital world.

Innovation & Scalability

eValue Bricks is one of the most innovative portal in the Indian real estate space. The motto “PAY & EARN QUALITY SERVICES” revolves around the concept of paid services with highest elements of quality, sincerity, transparency, professionalism and integrity as the core values.

eValue Bricks also offers niche revenue model for real estate agents. The model warrants payment of a minimum guarantee service charge towards reimbursement of expenses for services agreed upon and if the deal is closed, the guarantee charge already paid gets deducted from the final commission payable.

Any person can register as a member for free if transaction value is less than 50 Lacs but for transactions above 50 Lacs, the registration charges payable are Rs.500. There are additional listing charges payable for posting properties on the portal. Any person who intends to buy a property can search the portal and set his preferences for the type of property needed. If there are registered properties matching his preferences, the same will be shown immediately or else details will be forwarded in due course on receipt of similar properties. There are no charges for searching, saving and setting property preferences. Charges are payable only when the buyer intends to contact the owner of the property directly.

India is gradually proving itself as an upcoming digital economy and therefore the need for digital transactions is bound to increase over a period of time. Real Estate has predominantly been an informal business segment where deals used to happen only on one to one interaction and with a lot of physical efforts. However with RERA in force and expecting it to fully govern the real estate sector in the next few years, real estate related information will have a free flow digitally. The details of projects, developers, agents, etc will all be available online and therefore people would prefer online search and validation of data based on their needs. Since most of the real estate transactions are generally high value transactions running into lakhs, a user would happily spend a small amount as a fee to get authenticated feedback and data about hot properties, prominent and reputed agents and other service providers and also avail several other premium services.

Wealth Creation

eValue Bricks will be a win -win situation for investors, value seekers, service providers and ultimately the shareholders. The portal has a lot of potential as traditional players are already operating in the market. eValue bricks will fulfil the need for a premium service with specific focus on the support to first time buyers and other class of service providers.

Existing practices in the real estate market

A Buyer/Seller in a real estate market generally dependent either on referrals, paper advertisements, online portals or property agents. However in the present scenario, a buyer/seller on an online platform comes across the following difficulties: