This is a FREE service made available only to users who registers with the portal. A buyer or a seller, at any stage of the deal, can opt for availing the services from an experienced real estate agent, who is registered with the portal. These agents are registered after having gone through a standard registration procedure and qualifying the key parameters required by the portal. The Buyer/Seller can be assured of quality service as service providers registered on the portal have paid subscriptions to render services and therefore quality offering from experts in the domain, will be the key parameter under this category of service.

For agents to register on the portal there is a checklist to be filled alongwith submission of key business documents. The entire registration procedure is online but subject to confirmation of the portal and on payment of an annual subscription.

Scope of Work

The “Agent’s” brief scope of work can be defined by the buyer/seller but could also include the following:

  1. To verify the details of the property selected by the Buyer or property listed by the seller
  2. Conducting a site inspection of the selected property and submitting status report
  3. To cross verify and check the legal status of the project
  4. To cross verify and check the property documents , if agreed between both the parties
  5. Reporting the details of the neighbourhood & approving the location
  6. Confirming the Fair Market value of the property
  7. Other specific services as per buyer’s/seller’s requirement.

Fees Payable

The portal does not interfere in the commercial agreement between service provider and the service recipient. However the portal will interfere in the interest of both the parties, in case of any dis-agreement between both of them. The portal does not have any commercial interest in the arrangement between the service provider and the service recipient.