Facility Management Services


This is a FREE service made available only to users who registers with the portal. A buyer or a seller, at any stage of the deal, can opt for availing the services from an experienced Facility Management Service provider, which is registered with the portal as a registered service provider. A clean house/office brings lots of positive energy which is required for a healthy lifestyle. These agencies takes care of all your house/office maintenance requirements at a fixed/variable pricing and ensures that your property remains worthy to sell or use in future even if it has to remain unoccupied for some period of time.

Get the complete task done through them within your budget. These experts know the best utilization of the available space and at the most economical cost. The registration procedure for the service provider is online but subject to confirmation of the portal and on payment of an annual subscription. The Buyer/Seller can be assured of quality service as service providers registered on the portal have paid subscriptions to render services and therefore quality offering from experts in the domain, will be the key parameter under this category of service.

Scope of Work

The “Facility Management Services” brief scope of work can be defined by the service receiver but could also include the following:

  1. Listing of work to be done, for e.g.: cleaning, dusting, white-wash, plumbing, electrical, curtain work, furniture work, etc.
  2. Periodical upkeep of the property for all the above services.
  3. Ensuring timely deposit of Power, Water and Tax Bills.
  4. Other specific services as per service receiver’s requirement.

Fees Payable

The portal does not interfere in the commercial agreement between service provider and the service recipient. However the portal will interfere in the interest of both the parties, in case of any dis-agreement between both of them. The portal does not have any commercial interest in the arrangement between the service provider and the service recipient.