eValue Bricks charges Rs.100 per credit and credit is the mode of transaction on the portal .

For a seller: In order to post a property for sell, there is no cost charged by the portal. Hence listing of properties is FREE.

For a buyer: If you are a buyer and looking for a value deal, the number of credits will be displayed in order to view the property documents and get the seller's information. Please note each credit will cost Rs. 100. The Premium buyer will have an initial credit balance of 5 which is received on payment of life membership fee of Rs.500. However for any shortfall in credits required for executing a transaction, the buyer will have to purchase credit by making payment online through the payment gateway. A summary of credits debited and credited will be shown by the system as an MIS for the member’s records and accounting controls.

The management of evaluebricks.com can change the requirement pattern for number of credits needed by the system while executing a transaction on the portal, without any advance notice.