This is a niche feature on the portal as it aims to safeguard the legal risks involved in any real estate deal. The portal aims to protect both the seller as well as the buyer from legal complications and therefore the involvement of an eminent “Property Lawyer” during the tenure of the deal can take care of all probable legal risks.

A property lawyer is an expert in drafting of agreement for sale, sale deed, power of attorney and other misc. property documents. The portal will ensure that the service provider registered on the portal commits quality and timely service at a competitive cost. Moreover customers from distant locations can find it easier to locate a service provider at any location in the country.

Scope of Work

The “Property Lawyer’s” scope will be as defined by the buyer/seller but could include the following:

  1. Initial legal check of the property i.e. land disputes, court issues, pending clearances, etc.
  2. Title search of the property and related due diligence.
  3. Preparation of Agreement to Sale and subsequently the Sale Deed
  4. Extending all support till final handover of all property documents

Fees Payable

The portal does not interfere in the commercial agreement between service provider and the service recipient. However the portal will interfere in the interest of both the parties, in case of any dis-agreement between both of them. The portal does not have any commercial interest in the arrangement between the service provider and the service recipient.