Property Valuers


This is a FREE service made available only to users who registers with the portal. A buyer or a seller, at any stage of the deal, can opt for availing the services from an experienced Property Valuer. Members, who intend to buy properties in the re-sale market and at distant locations, may take the service from the valuer. This professional possesses good market knowledge of the properties in the respective region and can advise the client with the right kind of property price.

This value added service is available at a nominal fee, which is charged based on the scope of work agreed between both the parties. Generally bankers get this work done at the time of financing against the property either as a home loan, loan against property or other commercial loans.

Scope of Work

The “Property Valuer’s” scope includes the following:

  1. Assessment of fair market value (FMV) of the Property.
  2. Assessment of the distress value.
  3. Assessment of the Present Value.
  4. Suggesting the client if the asking price by the seller is lucrative or not.
  5. Assisting in other due diligence processes.

Fees Payable

The portal does not interfere in the commercial agreement between service provider and the service recipient. However the portal will interfere in the interest of both the parties, in case of any dis-agreement between both of them. The portal does not have any commercial interest in the arrangement between the service provider and the service recipient.